Tuesday, February 24, 2009


What the author means by "other people's stories can expand our view of the world" is a few things. One could expand and open their mind on other people's views and opinions by listening to what other people have to say about the subject; and the author could be explaining that if other people have stories of tragedy of mishap, that you should listen so that you are not to repeat the same mistakes.
Through my own life experience though, I have learned that you can not always learn from others stories, that you must experience it first hand to truly grasp the meaning. The most meaningful example I can use it love. You can read many stories of love, see romance in your friends and family, observe the heart breaks and sorrow alongside the joy; but unless you actually experience love for yourself, "to have love and lost rather than never loved at all," you will never truly know love. I still avoid the subject...
I still feel that I could have enjoyed high school much more if any minute of my free time was not held responsible for the NJROTC. Yes I got a good experience out of it, but ever since I enrolled at PVC and in the Honors program as well, I feel I can be more independant and free than I ever was. I'm taking this opportunity to become involved with my community with the helps of my friends and peers, and the wonderful staff.
I strongly agree with all of the others such as Isreal and Derick. Everyone's view matters, everyone's story holds meaning and morals. There's plenty of time to spend for yourself, but don't be selfish because the best time is spent together with others.


Lewis Jr. said...

Good job great that was a great post Teddy. I totally agree with Isreal and Derek too. Sometimes words aren't enough. We must experience things for ourselves to understand what others have gone through.

Miss Chris said...

"...don't be selfish because the best time is spent together with others." You nailed this one on the head Teddy. Past, present or future, it is the experiences we share with others that bond us, mold us, and make us the individuals we become.