Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We are only limited by ourselves

"When we shrink from the world, our world shrinks too."
-Dr. Leob

I believe that Dr. Leob accurately nailed this idea on the head; as we pull away from social activity and responsibility, we are not only hindering growth in ourselves, but promoting decay in the very fabric of who we are as individuals. Personally, I've found this to be a very astute observation through my own experiences in life. In times when I withdraw myself from being an active voice on issues or when I remain inactive, particularly in the presence of injustices, when I ought to be doing something about the goings-on around me I find myself contemplating such decisions for weeks to come. I consider deeply the possible alternative outcomes to such situations and whether or not I made the right decision in making no proactive decision at all. When I finally come to an honest, conclusive dicision, I am left disappointed and less of the man that I thought that I was prior to the situation; my soul had shrank.

However, I find this statement to be even moreso a truth through means of reciprical logic. That is to say that when I do act as I believe I ought to, make the right decisions and act in accordance to who I am, I frequently find that I then know myself all the more better. I am proud of myself in times such as these, and I am often on the look out for such opportunities to be able to clearly define who I am and act as I should. For me, such opportunities most always come in the form of being active with others and not sitting on the sidelines when I've something to say. In the end, I find this statement of Dr Leob's to be exceptionally true, though something else that he said, I felt, very well complimented this sentiment, and that was that "we bocome humans only in the company of other human beings." (Leob 22)


Ana Chandler said...

Your statment is very good, it is good that you too have gained confidence in your self and can be proud of what you do. Hopefull this class will allow you to grow even more.

Enrique Cardon said...

Good response! I espceially like the quote at the end because it makes me think. What if the people who did nothing, were not around? Then how would we realize that we are doing to the right thing, if there is noone to do the wrong thing? It seems that even these people shape us into the humans we become.

Dr. V said...

I loved your reflection because you didn't state a particular incident but an overall introspection. The personal "confession" is hard to put in writing because you know you should be better and don't actually want to "see" it in front of you.