Thursday, February 5, 2009

Learned helplessness

"America's prevailing culture of cynicism insists that nothing we do can matter. It teaches us not to get involved in shaping the world we'll pass on to our children. It encourages us to leave such important decisions to others- whether they be corporate and government leaders, or social activists whose lifestyles seem impossibly selfless or foreign." -Loeb. In a world where issues such as HIV, poverty, malaria, homelessness, etc. we have a higher demand now than maybe ever before. In the downturn of our economy, generally people are more likely to contribute to social causes whether that be financially or through service projects. The first two chapters of this book have made me more appreciative for the opportunities to get involved that slice has offered and its inspiring to read others stories from the chapters of how they, one individual, with the help of others were able to make a difference in the world. Times are changing in America, remember what our new president said on the day of his inauguration, its going to take everyone to bring change to America and the world.

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