Sunday, February 8, 2009

Get In Where You Fit In

I enjoyed this chapter. For me the message of chapter three was about finding your niche and also realizing that all contributions are valid and necessary; it is not essential to know everything that must be done or to try and do everything alone. I really liked the examples of applying your existing skills and interests to service as I feel this is a great synthesis of intrinsic and extrinsic value and also that this allows us to make the greatest contribution we can simply by doing what it is that we already do best.

In addition, it is good to think about the fact that there need be no qualifiers to service. No matter how little time you have or applicable skills you think you possess (or don’t possess), you can still make a contribution that both singularly and collectively with the efforts of others can make a difference. If everyone did just one small thing, the results of even that would be dramatic.

For me, public speaking comes rather naturally as I am reasonably able to articulate myself and communicate effectively with others. In addition I have fairly adept critical reasoning abilities and am good with conceptual thinking and the “big picture.” Although I am still learning and developing, I will pursue avenues that take advantage of these skills, such as spreading awareness, networking efforts together, and conceptualizing plans of action.


Lyndsey Grinstead said...

I agree if everyone does one small deed, the world can be better in so many ways. You really are an amazing speaker and I look foward to seeing where that takes you. :)

Dr. V said...

I couldn't tell you were really good at public speaking?? Who would have thought that... also about the critical thinking you take your time to analysis a situation then make a statement. Etc... don't tell Sherry

bowker3273 said...

Derrick your a coo guy. I like your enthusiasm and manor at which you hold yourself in conversations. I agree with all you said, ty for saying it =P