Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Changing Our Views

Cornell stated that in order to leave our comfort zone we have to "Step out into nothing, hoping to land on something." When I was young I was not exposed with helping my community. My parents were always working hard in order to give us a future and opportunities that they were not given. They never volunteered and it wasn't until the beginning of my senior year in high school that I became evolved enough at my school to do any service work. What I did was the typical trash pick up you see on tv. I also didn't enjoy the people that I was doing it with seeing as how they were all much older than me and we didn't have much in common.

Towards the end I had to do it again through my mom's church she couldn't volunteer but she donated money and me. We organized a party for the kids that went to the church after their school. This is the first time that I actually enjoyed doing something for someone else without any pay or reward. But I did get a reward I got to see these kids have a blast with things that they weren't used to having such as a bouncy bounce.

This experience changed my point of view on doing service work but I never pursued it again until now that I have decided to do SLICE. At one of the clubs I am involved in at GCC I made a motion that we do some sort of service work and most of them were opposed. The funny thing is that we are a business and leadership club. One of the remarks someone made is that if he/she wasn't getting paid they weren't doing work. Now I have made it my mission to try and get them to do something that is fun but still volunteer work and change their perceptive of what it is as mine was changed.

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