Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day-to-day democracy

This section of the book is the greatest part of the two chapters that I am currently facing in my life. I would absolutely have to agree with writer Frances Moore Lappe when he says that the art of democratic participation can be learned in only one way and that one way is by practice. I believe one of the biggest steps in getting involved in social activism is actually getting the courage to do it. The reason I chose my reflection blog on this is because I am debating about going into Peace Corp after I finish my bachelors. I have a big fear of going in because of all the risks involved, my heart has been saying to go to Africa because of all of the social issues there, but with some of the dangers such as malaria, brutal warfare, etc. it certaintly makes me nervous to go, and I understand that not all of Africa is like that but the places that need our help the most are going to be greatly affected by this the most. In order to prepare myself, I am doing what the section of the book "Day-to-Day Democracy" is exactly talking about. Mr. Lappe gives an example of how to gain there skills and confidences that I need to go into peace corp and his example is of a child. he says "think of kids learning to walk. They pull themselves up with the help of a chair, take a step, stumble, fall flat, then get up and try again." That is exactly what I'm trying to apply to my life of social activism by getting involved in Americorp, volunteering in my own community, being a good and active citizen, and when I know the time is right, I'll take the plunge and go into Peace Corp.


Morgan Baugus said...

That is so awesome that you are thinking about joining the Peace Corps! I think it would be a great opportunity and experience for you. Just remember, do not wait for the opportune moment because you will never find it. Go for it while you can! :D

Dr. V said...

Talk to me about the Peace Corps! Did you know that AmeriCorps is branch of the original Peace Corps.