Thursday, February 26, 2009

Listening Gives Us The Truth

I think that being able to listen to others stories is very important. Many times we go through life talking and thinking about what it is we are going to say next. If we could only step back and see how many fascinating stories others could tell i think our world would have a better understanding of each other.

I totally agree with the authors statement about how we can learn more about the world if we would listen to other peoples stories. I think that we listen to much to what the media has to say and portray about different cultures, that we do not listen to the people who are actually living the story. We tend to not listen to these people when they are the most important. They live with the issue everyday and know their culture the best so what if they were the ones that spoke to their own issues and not politicians who do not live the real story.

As far as a book that describes me I'd honestly have to say that I have no story that I can say relates to me or has given me the path that I have followed. I have listened to other peoples stories. Through being an athlete and my involvement with other things I have been able to listen to so many inspiring stories that have brought me the point where I am today. There are so many different people in this world who can give you a real outlook on life. So listening to others can be a big benefit for people to become not only inspired but educated from the people around them.

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