Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby Steps.

This chapter really did make me reflect on what my parents always told me while growing up. My Mother would always say what Lao tzu said that "the journey of a thousand mile begin with one step". she would always tell me that i would never get to where i want to be if i don't try to work towards it. But then my desire to always help out came from watching her help others while i was growing up.She was always ready to listen and sacrifice time to help even people.And she would tell me that the greatest law is to love and help your neighbour and to fight for your belief.

This background was what made me want to get involved more.She made me realize that no matter how small the commitment i make, it might make a whole difference to whoever it is i make that commitment for.She always said that i might not make a big difference to the world but that i can make a big difference to a person. And so with this, i took my first step in getting involved here on campus wondering how the experience will be like. but through it i came to grow as an individual and also learn how to a good leader.Through involvement i now have an expanded network of people and friends i can count on.And this i would never have gotten if i had not taken that my first baby steps.

Listening to someones problem i was always taught is probably the best gift you can give to them. this is one of the abilities i grew up to learn and possess. this is so because, hidden in their problem might be the solution. Perseverance is also what i think defines me. I know that getting to change is not always easy but persevering gets you through it.Always ready to help out is also one of my strong points.


Derick the Crowell said...

A story came to mind while reading this that many of you may have seen in some version:

A woman is walking along a beach after a fierce storm, and the sand is littered with dying starfish. Thousands and thousands of them. The woman peacefully strolls along the beach, stopping at each starfish that crosses her path, and tossing it back into the waves. A man on the beach sees her doing this, and curiously approaches her.
"Excuse me, but why are you doing that? There's no way you will ever save enough starfish to matter."
The woman calmly bends, picks up a starfish and replies:
"It matters to this one." and tosses the creature back into the sea.

"hidden in their problem might be the solution"
I really like this insight. ;)

Lyndsey Grinstead said...

I love the story that Derick talked about here, it is so relevant with your blog. It is true that one person can make a difference and its great that you put effort into doing even the littlest things to help. Every one can take "baby steps" into helping one another out, I am glad you brought that point up! :)