Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I think that letting your voice be heard is very important. Speaking to what you believe allows you to be who you are and share it with people that may have the same opinion as you. Americans today allow people to be so judgmental which affects how comfortable people are about stating their opinion. This is truly unfortunate though, because that person might have a statement that could change the world forever, such as Kennedy stating "Ask not what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country." Having the confidence to speak your mind allows you to grow as a person and not "shrink" with the world. I very much agreed with Loeb's quote. Like I had said before Americans allow other people to think for them way too often and by allowing them to do so they end up losing who they are. They follow the crowd to make themselves feel more comfortable but as they continue to be a follower they lose who they really are.

We have been given brains so that we can take in the information and then process it and respond. I can admit that before I came to college I was very shy on stating my opinion. I was always scared of how people would judge what I'd have to say. Now that I have been in the college setting I see how many people aren't afraid to state what they believe. I also discovered that once I opened up and began to speak out more and more people had similar opinions to me that led to great conversations of change. We are put in this world to live in it, not to hide in it.
Imagine if African Americans never stood up for what they believed in and allowed slavery to continue, or women never spoke up and said they could do a man's job, what kind of society would we live in today? Would there be any change or just acceptance to the decisions made around us.

Be the change you want to see in the world, stand up for yourself and speak out for others to hear. If we hold on to our belief the world will be one big gray blob, thinking, talking, and acting the same way. Now wouldn't that be boring!!


Dr. V said...
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Dr. V said...

I can remember you taking my MGT 105 class and you hardly talked but to answer questions I asked about the book. You were shy because of the other HS kids in the class but over the years.... I have seen a different person emerge and this is why you are a LEADER!!! You aren't afraid to disagree with someone but you still respect their opinion.