Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Doing whats right by you

One of my favorite qoute is "the greatest crime against humanity is seeing a social issue and not taking a stand against it". When you shrink from the world, when you do not take a stand against issues you feel wrong going on in your community, then you shrink in your soul too. this is so because as long as those issues exist, it will always haunt you that you did not take a stand against it.
In Loebs story about Derrick bell, if he had not taken a stand against the discrimination in hiring minority female professor, he might have kept his job but then,he will have it on his conscious as not taking a stand for his belief.
And i think Loeb nailed it in his statement that "silence is more costly than speaking out, because it requires the ultimate sacrifice-the erosion of our soil."
this i have experienced by living a system of government were you are not allowed to fully express yourself and that is a terrible burden to bear because you can not speak about issues you identify with. and this slowly eats up your soul.

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