Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A long, long time ago...

Most things for social activism are centered on the prospect of individual gain. Most people who do service, aren’t the types to relish in the glory or fame of doing something for someone else. The problem we face daily is what I call my “yes and no” theory. I know I didn’t coin this, and we did talk about it briefly at the last meeting; however it is in our daily regime to decide if we will or won’t do something. These tiny subconscious questions revolve around the ideal of picking and choosing what is right for us as individuals. Some people are not capable of leading. They are not capable of standing up, and like the woman in chapter 3 whose name escapes me, are a more “behind the scenes person.”

Within most bounds it is our priority to decide what is right for us. Our fears play a huge role in our ability to function. The “yes or no” theory is relative to the type of person you are. People involved with religion, teams, participating at school function etc... are the ones determined to do what feels right for them, regardless of the outcome and thus making it a more priority based decision. People don’t like to be out of their comfort zones and 95% of people won’t do something out of their way if they can help it. Also a fact, 75% of statistics are made up on the spot. =P

What I relish in, the pure fact of my ability to help, is the patience and way I communicate. Although I know some of my ideals are not picturesque to most, I can calmly and collectively gather information that centers around speaking with someone on a common ground. I won’t boast of all that I do, or goad someone to do the same, however it is easier to have a conversation when you see someone else’s side of the argument. I feel that I can reiterate my thoughts to not offend, nor to diminish my feelings on a particular subject. I think it is essential to have an organizational and problem-solving mind when faced with issues that are pertinent to us all.

We as a people need to relinquish this superiority complex. We as a people make mistakes and for some reason have the mindset that we deem them failure. Serve, Learn, Inspire, Change, and Educate the world. We only have one chance to change something, why not force it by doing something?

Luke is going to do whats right. He knows what he has to do. Its an impossible shot, but he is utilizing his practice he used on Tatooine.

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Dr. V said...

WOW! I agree with your assessment of yourself but at first, I couldn't figure you out. You would just put your head down and I couldn't figure out if you were paying attention or daydreaming.