Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Do your part

There are a lot of people that will send on "messages" to us as we do service. Some messages are positive and encouragin. However, some are negative and rude. Regardless of the messages we receive from others. We need to do our part in our community.
For example, one day last year I had told this guy about SLICE and that I would be spending my spring break in California doing community service for those less fortunate. And here I was thinking about how awesome the experience was going to be and what a great thing I thought I was doing, and the man told me that was stupid, why was I going to california to do community service instead of helping out my own state.
So, although we somtimes hit some bumbs in our road and some negativity along the way, we need to just keep on truckin' and stick with it!
No matter what someone else tells you, you are doing something wonderful and even though you do no always get told "Thank You," your service is greatly appreciated! And one day, all your good doings will make something good happen for you!

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Sierra Schnoebelen said...

I definitely agree! Everyone can be so discouraging when you tell them that you are going to California on your spring break to do community service. People have told me that it is dumb and why would I waste my spring break doing community service when I should be going out with friends. But your right you just have to get through those bumps in the road and realize that what your doing matters and that it is going to make a difference!