Wednesday, February 11, 2009


To me fear is the essence of the enemy. Of course we all know common fears such as the fear of needles or of spiders. These common phobias affect many people but don’t necessarily have a great impact on their life. The fear I am talking about is one such as letting the fear of flying keep one from traveling the world. When thought about fear is almost always the one thing holding us back. The fear of trying something new or challenging may keep us where we are because we don’t feel we can succeed or even fit in. To me the fear of talking is a big adversary in itself. I think every person has a fear of talking whether it's in front of a large group, a leader, or even one of the opposite sex. For most these are all huge fears that takes a lot of work to overcome.

It’s time to stop letting fear get in the way of success that many can only dream about. Most of the successful people we know today have put the thoughts of fear behind them and now only focus on their incredible visions of the future. When it comes to helping our world fear is yet again right there holding us back. It’s the intimidation that keeps us from taking a step forward. I feel religion is a powerful factor when it comes to social activism because religion is a great supporter of helping the community. For those involved in churches they are surrounded by others who have a drive and are dedicated to reaching out to the world. As for the rest of the world it is simply the luck of the draw to find support for helping the community. Family and friends may not always be supportive either because they don’t like what you’re supporting or they simply feel time could be spent in other ways.

Unless this support is encompassing us from the beginning which allows those select few to be pulled into social activism then I feel we won’t get the drive to help until we find ourselves in that type of situation. I can’t see someone going out and searching for a way to help those around them until they have felt the accomplished feeling before. For many forms of community service it does take time and a certain amount of effort to get completely involved and I don’t see this happening without God intervening that first time.

The desire to “Bring about change for the better” may be my greatest strength but can also be my greatest weakness. I know they say there is no job too small but I just can’t fully dedicate myself to something that will bring about no noticeable change. This can keep me from helping simply fill an emotional need for someone at a given time, or it can keep me from trying in the beginning when I don’t see how a change can come from the work put in. On the other hand wanting to bring change will push me farther and will make me think more on how to help those in need find a transformation in their life. One example I can personally show is helping the Lost Boys last semester which most reading this probably know about through Emerging Leaders. I thought this was a great form of service because the money we brought in was being put directly towards college scholarships for these men and women of Sudan. The work we did for them helped give them a future and it was a path they could take to get themselves out of the situation they are currently in. I know some of you may hate me for saying this but I don’t like food kitchens because of this reason. These people keep coming back and their position in society doesn't change. We help them cope with the life they are living when I think time could be spent much better by helping even one of these people find a job because that has the potential to change their life forever. I want to know that when I have completed that job I can leave without looking back because that person doesn't need me anymore.

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Derick the Crowell said...

An excellent post from my favorite action hero. =D

"I must not fear, for fear is the mind-killer"

Very succinctly put, sir!

However, there is one point on which I must debate. Although the intervention of God in the life of a person of faith can be the catalyst that brings them to a path of service, it is a dangerous and exclusionary assumption that morality comes only from God.
Although faith is a great tool for increasing people's awareness of and concern for social issues, it is not the only tool, and is completely inappropriate for some.

Not to make this a "personal" issue, but this is a discussion I have had many times because I do not hold a theistic world view, yet I am very compassionate and consider myself very moral.

Just something to think about. ;)

Dr. V said...

I sorta agree with what you stated but I know that you want to accomplish something fulfilling everytime you do service but remember, it's not about YOU it's about the people you are helping. Although you had success at the Lost Boys center, I know that fundraising is one of the easiest forms of service. Most people will give money for a cause because it so easy to just pull out a dollar and throw it in a hat but to actually "do" service is more meaningful. You get to actually feel and see what these people are going through. Imagine, that the only meal you received all day was at a soup kitchen. That think about the people who volunteer there and what if nobody wanted to do it and just gave money. How is the food going to get cooked, served and cleaned up. Who will greet these people with maybe the only kindness or dignity that week. Yes, poverty probably won't be ever solved because our government is to busy spending money on wasteless wars stupid bailouts. BUT you made that person's day at the shelter or food kitchen, by showing you cared for them by serving them. I am very passionate about this so come an talk to me....