Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's the THOUGHT that matters

Let’s face it, we are not on this Earth for a very long time. We only have one life to live and in order to live this life to the greatest extent possible we need to open up as much as we can to realize more about ourselves and our world. This world has so much to offer and many of these things we wouldn’t know without hearing it from someone who has experienced this already. Not only do we gain a better understanding of the world but we can also find something new that we would enjoy or learn of a better way to live our life. As in every movie we watch where we are supposed to learn a lesson, the stories are the same way; if we take the time to think through many of the accounts we hear then we can gain much more than just information.

One problem some people can have is not thinking after hearing something new. We hear a story and react instead of thinking through everything that is involved. So this act of listening can always be beneficial if we comprehend everything that is said to us instead of hearing what others do and mistakenly see it as a way we should act. Such as the story of the African American boy stealing a pair of pants and the owner instantly wanting to press charges which would be the normal reaction. Instead she thought through the situation and understood what the boy was going through and how sending him over to the police would only further harm him and potentially his family.

…After everyone complaining about long blogs I’m trying to keep this short...
My life has been filled with pretty much everything. I’m one of those people who has done everything and tried everything. I grew up with separated parents and I don’t know how they thought they would survive marriage in the first place because they are complete opposites. So growing up I lived with my dad who was an outdoors type of person, who doesn’t believe in school, and is a huge entrepreneur. Then there is my mom who is one who says school comes first and that is the only way to be successful in life, and who has a family driven by sports. And on top of this my mom tries to be strict while my dad would encourage me to be even more outgoing than I already am. There is no easy way to sum up my life or even explain why I do what I do. It would take a lot more than you want to read for me to explain my reasons for community involvement and even though you agree with that you probably wouldn’t agree with some of the views I have on the world today. I may over think life too much but for me it’s the only way to truly understand why I do what I do.

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Miss Chris said...

" probably wouldn’t agree with some of the views I have on the world today."
So, Landen, unless we talk about your views, one will never know if we agree or not. I'd like to hear these views, and the stories behind them. I'd say a 6 hour bus ride might be just long enough to cover it all, don't you?