Thursday, February 26, 2009


I think that stories that are shared to you by others that have experienced what they speak of are very inspirational. I know that whenever my family would talk about stories they always had my attention. Each story had its own lesson, it had what each individual overcame and how the conquered their fear. The one person i could sit and listen share stories forever is my Grandpa's. Their stories give me so much information about back then and the struggles and now the ways to live life. If i ever have any questions they have an answer, and to me i cherish that gift, the gift that both of my Grandpa's have been through so much that they could share life lessons with their grandson.
To be honest, most of the stories i share are from the stories I've heard before. But it's not rumors or anything like that, but actual stories. If i could share any story it would be about the first time i volunteered and helped out my community. I didn't know how helping could make you feel when you actually performed the service. I believe that when i started volunteering my time for my community, that i began to mature to my highest potential, which works for me!!!!!

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