Monday, February 9, 2009

Get Involved

The message I get from my community is self-absorbed. They do not communicate with each other and nobody cares what goes on around here. A couple of mounth ago I went to the Home Owners Association meeting for my community and there where literally four other people that showed up besides my mom and I. My family is not very invovles when compared to others I know. My mom sometimes does the memory walk or race for the cure but thats about it. No one else is involved in anything outside of work. I want to start a new chapter in our family to lead by example that being involved is important in growing as a person.

An ability that I have that helps me in particular causes are my determination and passion. When I feel for someone or something I usually do not stop until I have finished it or have done all I can. I think this is a valuable asset because if you do not have passion towards something your will not do everything you can for it.


Derick the Crowell said...

That's great! Don't get too down about comparisons with others. As we discussed in the SLICE meeting, do not think that since some appear as "pinnacles" of contribution that what you can do is worth any less.

It's great that you not only want to take a personal interest, but that you see the opportunity to introduce a greater amount of social activity to your family. I think this is a great idea! Not only will it make it easier to work as a unit, but the good that can be done by spreading awareness to others can be exponential.

Dr. V said...

You persevere until you are satisfied. Most young people today give up because it's sometimes to hard to accomplish things but if you feel you can do it, you will.