Monday, February 2, 2009

Tell It Like It Is

"When we shrink from the world, our souls shrink too." I do agree with Loeb's quote and after reading the section 'The Costs of Silence', I now realize that if people don't all speak out in the world about what they are truly feeling, it in the end will only hurts themselves. I see it as not being involved in the world and not going out and trying to make a difference, if it is what you feel you need to do, is just like it is said, your soul will then shrink.
There are certain issues that I have stayed silent over when in groups of discussion with people because I don't always think that what I am going to say will make sense to the others or be "right". And yes, that shouldn't matter, however, I think that there are just some issues where I should have spoken up and didn't. But I realize that was a mistake. When it comes to some issues tho, I believe that there is a right place and time to speak your opinion on things. I agree with Sharon. If speaking your opinion on something could put you in some kind of danger, then you should reconsider what would be a better time.

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Kelsey Hughes said...


I very much agree with your post. If I could give anyone advice I would say that they shouldn't be afraid to be different. Sometimes speaking out will allow people to see you in a different light. We can never win over the crowd though, we will always come across some tough critics in our life.