Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"You know you make me want to (SHOUT)"

I think that Loeb is saying that when we don't take a stand for what we believe, that it'll eat us up from the inside out. We should speak up and avoid regret later on. There are often times when I keep quiet when I feel like saying something or I feel like someone needs to hear something. People are intimidating and it's just easier to avoid conflict. Sometimes I do feel like I should have voiced my opinion, that maybe someone else could have benefited from my words though. I also believe, though that there is a time and place for things and sometimes it is better left for a more proper environment. Sometimes I find myself getting annoyed by people when they feel like their opinion is the only thing that matters, that they will try and “shove it down your throat” no matter where they are. I don’t mind that they have their own beliefs, I just can’t stand the disrespect some people have towards others while trying to share them. In conclusion, speak up when you need to but be aware of how you do it.


Dr. V said...

Great comment! I completely agree because sometimes you understand what people are concerned about but you don't want to hear it over and over. I always say that if you really mean it, then do something about it.

Enrique Cardon said...

You make a great point Susan. I did not even think about it that way. There are deifinitely times when you regret not having said or done something, and then you look back at it later in life an totally feel a heavy burdent because of it.

Also, I agree when you said that you hate it when people think that their opinions are the only one that matters. We are all in this world together, living as equals, so all of our voices should be heard!

Ana Chandler said...

Love your post. If people would be more respectful to others our world would be so much great there truly is a time and place for everything and being respectful for others is never frowned upon.