Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Act now!

Believing that our individual involvement is worthwhile and that it can effect and impact our society and future is essential when understanding the purpose of our lives. Consequently, I can certainly agree with Paul Loeb when he describes that if we do not socially involve ourselves with the world because of its complexities, we shrink from it and we shrink our souls with it.

If one does not become aware and recognize the different illnesses that affects our society locally as well as globally, if we put a wall in front of us to the outside world and if we become insensitive and heartless by not getting involved, we without a doubt are alienating ourselves from our world.

We need to learn to trust our own ability to make a difference in the life of other human beings and the planet and in order to do that, we need to act and express ourselves.

Most of the time, I keep thoughts to myself remaining silent over different issues. I rather listen and analyze what other people say however, I really do have a lot to say about those issues. Over many years, I have preferred to hold back because of the fact that sometimes I still have a hard time when trying to explain my ideas in a way I would have done when speaking in my first language. English is my second language, and sometimes in order to expose my ideas I really need a long time. I will like to express fully what I have on my mind but, it takes me a while to get there because I have to find the appropriate words in order to express myself properly. Practice helps and therefore that its one of the main reasons why I join in classses and clubs as much as I can so then I can get involved in different activites that helps better my community.

“… We do not always have to speak out, we could just help out. I feel the more we get involved and open ourselves to new people and new experiences the more we learn and grow”, I could not agree more with Anna Man. We as human beings need to experience life to learn and grow in a way that not only we benefit ourselves, but also our surroundings. In order to do so, we really need to work hard and not just speak about it. We need to take actions.


ricardoreyes said...

Your post really inspired me!!!
Arigato! =]

Dr. V said...

I agree with your comments about alienating ourselves by not getting involved. People sometimes need self-respect and courage to stand up for their opinions.